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Comic Con



During San Diego Comic-Con, GDX partnered with Pop-Tarts to host a unique fine dining experience at the Adult Swim footprint. Guests lined up for hours over the course of three days to experience the Pop-Tarts-themed atmosphere and culinary surprises. 


Inside, the setting featured custom topiaries, oil paintings, and larger-than-life 3D-printed Pop-Tarts characters. A maître d' guided guests through three courses with reveals of each Pop Tart under a silver lid, beginning with chilled Pop-Tarts-inspired dishes, followed by toasted Pop-Tarts with creative toppings. Exclusive takeaway product boxes and collectible figurines were distributed, capping off a memorable and immersive Pop-Tarts dining adventure.

Tasting Packs Distributed

Social Media Impressions

Pop-Tart Flavors

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